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Verdensledende produsent av klatre- og sikkerhetsutstyr, samt hodelykter. Petzl produserer utstyr til både sportsklatring og til profesjonelt bruk i industrien eller til redningsarbeid. Hvis du vil vite mere om Petzl, om deres sportsutstyr eller industriutstyr, så se her: Petzl klatreutstyr


Simple to use, comfortable, with numerous accessories and technically suitable to the requirements of the work they are designed for, Petzl harnesses are the standard in terms of safety and efficiency for workers at height.


Essential for work at height and certain industrial activities, helmets give the user effective protection from falling objects, or if the person himself falls.


The line of Petzl ropes is designed for professionals in the vertical world. They offer effective solutions for the requirements of various activities: difficult access, technical rescue, industry.

Lanyards and energy absorbers

Whether for work positioning or to have an energy absorber that limits the force transmitted to the user in case of a fall, Petzl offers a complete line of lanyards for different applications.

Mobile fall arresters

Installed on a lifeline, the mobile fall arresters follow the user automatically as he moves, whether on an inclined or vertical surface. In case of a shock load or sudden acceleration, they lock onto the rope and stop the fall.


To address various situations encountered in the field, Petzl offers several types of connector, with different shapes, sizes, gate openings and locking systems.


Descenders are designed to help regulate friction and control the descent on a fixed rope. They allow a worker to position himself at any point on the rope. Certain Petzl descenders can also be used as belay devices.

Rope clamps

Rope clamps are primarily used for progression on ropes and for creating haul systems.


Pulleys are used to haul up equipment or raise a person in a rescue situation. Some of them can be combined with a rope clamp to facilitate maneuvers, others allow movement along rope or cable.


Anchors are the link between the safety system and the structure or the terrain. To complement the standard anchor gear, Petzl offers a lifeline device specific to horizontal progression and a complete set of accessories.

Packs and accessories

For comfortable work, good tools are necessary: packs, gloves, accessories… Petzl offers an entire line of innovative accessories, which are the result of many years of experience in the field.


Helping users to easily get equipped or to update their equipment, Petzl proposes kits for installing a temporary vertical life-line, for protecting falls, for work positioning or for evacuating a victim.


Headlamps designed for frequent use, for the energy, networks, building, and maintenance markets.


Beyond Power… Intelligence! The ultra-powerful headlamps from the PERFORMANCE line adapt their lighting automatically and instantly to the ambient light. Ideal for dynamic, high-commitment activities: trail running, technical mountaineering, ski touring…


Lightweight rechargeable headlamp with multi-beam and AIRFIT headband. 500 lumens


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